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The ethos of the moon.

As the Moon slowly, gently inches acrossthe mountain top , it’s tenderness touchesyour soft caring heart It  kisses your soul leavingmemories of a lifetime, ofA love that can’t be forgotten.The tenderness of the Moon bringslove into your soft tender heart. As the gentle breeze caresses your soul and bringing new memoriesto be treasured by your heart.Embrace, savoring […]

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Top 10 cartoons both a parent of 90’s and child can watch together!

As a little girl, I enjoyed watching Disney animated movies based on fairy tales, I was addicted to Cartoon Planet. I remember they took me to the world of imagination, where I was a princess, who was waiting for a prince charming to come and rescue me, or I was a crime fighter who was […]

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The essence of friendship

At the heart of all relationshipsIs a special connectionOf souls and minds called friendship.Between two who may be very differentOr two who share much in common.Their lives become interwoven as time passes.As they explore new avenues…Share their hopes, dreams, desires…The bond gets stronger and the trust greater.And as they open up to one another,Become more […]

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Mumbai- The Land of Polygamy

Mumbai :- Mumbai is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India  Polygamy as defined by the dictionary:- the habit or system of mating with more than one individual, either simultaneously or successively. Loosely we say dating/marrying more than one male/female at a time. In today’s times with […]

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