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The price of a shadow

Somewhere along a misty trail
I sold my shadow for free.
And on the old dead street I walked
when I gave up in all entirety.
Trembling hands gave me
more than my soul could hold
those feeble words gave me
the burning rage to be bold.
While I dreamt only to forget
You gave me dreams to keep.
And gave me in my waking life
Every dream I saw in my sleep.

Now while you lie silently still
I pray an old song brings you back to my life.
And people who once walked on you,
soon walk you by.
Has the world forgotten
the sacrifices of trampled streets?
Or its destined creed to care ?
that one day when its deemed unfit to walk,
they just assume you lead nowhere?

So stay .
Stay stay until the morning light
Stay and we shall reminisce,
Reminisce in the glory of a forgotten night.

Deepshikha Saraf
<p>In a nutshell I am either wildly naive or dangerously intelligent. My pen does my talking, my tongue does the listening. Food is my religion, travel is my bible, I stay in touch with my feminine side, while being a tough nut.</p>

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