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To write of you

Was such a delight.

It felt so good,

And felt so right.

For during the day

And throughout the night,

Since I met you

Things look bright.

So this I promise.

I indeed shall write

And the effort shall be

With all my might.

For to face the world,

Has been a plight.

But I shall be strong

And put up a fight.

And share my words

With those in sight,

And to all the rest

May the words take flight.

So I say to you

Indeed I’ll write,

And the world shall know

The same delight.

Deepshikha Saraf
<p>In a nutshell I am either wildly naive or dangerously intelligent. My pen does my talking, my tongue does the listening. Food is my religion, travel is my bible, I stay in touch with my feminine side, while being a tough nut.</p>

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