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The ethos of the moon.

As the Moon slowly, gently inches across
the mountain top , it’s tenderness touches
your soft caring heart

It  kisses your soul leaving
memories of a lifetime, of
A love that can’t be forgotten.
The tenderness of the Moon brings
love into your soft tender heart.

As the gentle breeze caresses your 
soul and bringing new memories
to be treasured by your heart.
Embrace, savoring everything in love and life. 

Let your spirit free to fly.
Listen to my whispers, speaking to your
Feel my touch, caressing the tenderness 
within your soul.
Let your spirit free as it is drawn to 

As the warmth of passion surges through your
Let our desires embrace, 
as our hearts and souls become one
While the tenderness of the Moon, carries you
to me.

Deepshikha Saraf
<p>In a nutshell I am either wildly naive or dangerously intelligent. My pen does my talking, my tongue does the listening. Food is my religion, travel is my bible, I stay in touch with my feminine side, while being a tough nut.</p>

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