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The nostalgia

And he loved
And he was not scared
As we fought through and for and with

And I loved
And I gave
As we lived together and apart

and hot 
and so cool 
Before we caught on fire again

He remembers
Like I do
That it was worth it
Even though it ended

And it is wrong to compare
But so what, it is still there
I, that was
And a part that is still his
and the same for him
I to him
Him to me

I hear it in his voice
And he hears it in mine

Deepshikha Saraf
<p>In a nutshell I am either wildly naive or dangerously intelligent. My pen does my talking, my tongue does the listening. Food is my religion, travel is my bible, I stay in touch with my feminine side, while being a tough nut.</p>

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