Funniest reviews/Meme on TOH- Thugs of Hindostan

This diwali season I was probably living under a rock. A brand new marriage (errr, my only till now) brings a lot of responsibility, a LOT of expectation and celebration, so you end up falling under the rock and wishing you stay there.

So when I came out of my hibernation today, I nearly fell out of my chair, I missed the storm, the sarcastic-sardonic-wicked-unforgiving reviews on TOH! Oh the meme’s, the jokes, they have me on the floor, they have me rolling.

I am yet to believe myself that such meme’s could be made for a movie starring Amir Khan! I wasn’t prepared 😛

Ah well, the promo’s did show it would be bad, but bad is just a term loosely associated with most commercial bolly-flicks, this is a genre and class apart. Safe to say (Even without watching) this ranks safely between Race 3-Karrzzzzzzzz-Players etcetra.

Laugh out loud on some- 

Then there was one of my favorite:-

I am darn sure Mr. Bachchan would not be using this line without a slight cringe if he happened to see this meme:-

Well this guy maybe correct when he says this:-

This thread though has made me ROFL! 

The last few that had me guffawing:-

History Repeats itself:-

SAVAGE is the word!

Well what can I say, the movie may not have entertained, but the meme’s well they’ve made us realise why TWITTER is the place to be! Grrr, no, that you can still laugh at a rotten egg 😀

Deepshikha Saraf
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