Hollywood movies that you must(NOT) watch!!

There you are in a room ful of new people in college/workplace and all are raving about that one good movie you must watch. You are not much of an English movie person, but you still decide to go ahead and watch it, trust me, sometimes this backfired, and how.

If you are like me- eccentric, for whom cinema is pleasure, where you want stories that are just that- story, where you want entertainment and fun and not the kind of baggage that will weigh you down, then you got to miss out on these movies for sure.

  • Twilight:-  this is  Beauty and the Beast… But instead of adorable singing candles, you’ve got indecisive, dumb-as-a-rock twats who can’t decide between a vampire or a werewolf. It just ridiculed the vampire movie genre! 
  • The Dark Knight:- 
    The irony of this film is that it received so much hype for things that it wasn’t: Dark, gritty, unpredictable, intellectual, realistic, ground breaking, philosophical, a work of art. What were the fans of this movie on when they saw this movie? 
    The film was not unpredictable nor intellectual, which was why the Joker survived throughout the movie, getting away with much more than he should have.
  • La La Land:- Wait did that movie really win an Oscar? Rubbing my eyes in disbelief, again. 
    The flashy spectacle and melodramatic relationship between Mia and Sebastian only were made for a one time (long and boring) view I guess. The visuals, music and cast are splendid. As for the pacing and memorable elements it needs a lot more! It’s more like a senseless bollywood dance movie!
  • Slumdog Millionaire :- I hate this movie, and so do most others!!! 
     this isn’t really about people. Or Bombay. Or India, at all. Or some lame tale about a TV quiz. It’s about a British triumph, an underdog story sweeping the Oscars.
    The script is an idiotic confection with no characters of any plausibility or substance.
  • Skyfall:– The worse Bond yet. Period. This is by far the one with the weakest story, over melodrama, pre-gadget-villain era. Its just a drag, and a long one at that.
  • Forrest Gump:- 
     it has used every cliche in the book to deliver a movie that is high on sentimentality but with plot holes so big that even Bollywood would be ashamed!
  • Titanic:- 
    As a love story and drama then yes, yes it is. It’s got a fairly flimsy plot which doesn’t hold together especially well on repeated viewings. It touched some people but leaves a lot of other people yawning. 

While you work hard to avoid these over the top movies, I plan to watch some to make another list 😀

Deepshikha Saraf
<p>In a nutshell I am either wildly naive or dangerously intelligent. My pen does my talking, my tongue does the listening. Food is my religion, travel is my bible, I stay in touch with my feminine side, while being a tough nut.</p>

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